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MozVR Camp Bhopal

Hello People!

The motivation for this blog post is to depict the success of the event organized at UIT-RGPV Bhopal by Coherent@uit on November 10th, 2016. Coherent@uit is the Mozilla Campus  Club at Uit Rgpv Bhopal founded  by Kushagra Varade .

The name of the event was MozVR Camp Bhopal which commenced with an interactive session on WebVR.


The session started by an introduction to our club by the Club Lead-Akshat Saxena. Then the welcoming and introduction to WoMoz was given by Womoz Incharge- Varsha Nagele.Which was followed by the interactive session by our mentor  Kushagra Varade. He imprinted every mind present in the session with the usage and intricasies of WebVR.

Details of WebVR session-

Kushagra Varade explained how it is a JavaScript API, created to provide support for virtual reality devices, in a web browser. He discussed many projects related to WebVR. Notable among them was A-Frame(VR) from Mozilla. Attendees were shown clips about how it actually works and were urged to try implementing them on their own too. 

The attendees who correctly answered questions asked during the session were awarded with Mozilla swags.

After the session, a quiz was conducted for the attendees  named Crux which was about deciphering and aptitude. Everyone participated in it with zeal. The winners of Cruz were awarded  swags.


Attendees were then asked to choose between coding and non-coding round. For coding round, a set of programming questions were given and they were asked to solve it in a limited amount of time. For the non-coding round, a quiz named Sphinx was organised in which there were questions like elevator pitch and also some creative topics to write about.

At the last we are very pleased and proud to announce that the Event was such an success only because of efforts of the club members and volunteers. So a very BIG thanks to them as well as the to the amazing Attendees.

The Team


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Link for event images:


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The Electrolysis Enigma

Electrolysis! This is the name of Mozilla’s newest technology, which would make the Firefox browser even more faster and smoother. In short, it would take the user interface to a whole new level!

At present, Electrolysis enhanced Firefox is available to only half percent Firefox users as an early test. This has shown favorable results and now Mozilla is gradually updating the browser. It doesn’t work on everybody’s configuration yet. It is by default available to you, if you are using Nightly or Aurora.

What new would Electrolysis bring to Firefox?

Asa Dotzler, Mozilla’s product manager for Firefox’s roadmap and community explains it aptly, here we go….

  • It makes Firefox respond faster when you do things like click, scroll and open new tabs.
  • It splits different parts of the browser into separate computing processes so figuring out how to put Facebook on your screen won’t interrupt your mouse clicks.
  • Increases browser responsiveness 400 percent for ordinary websites and 700 percent for complex ones with many elements.
  • It works by making sure malicious website code is confined so it can’t get access to the computer memory handling the browser itself or, worse, the underlying operating system.

Electrolysis, also called E10S and multiprocess Firefox, has two major advantages:

  • Security.
    Security improvements are accomplished through security sandboxing, which uses child processes to create a security layer.
  • Performance.
    Performance improvements are mainly because of the multiple processes which better leverage the available computing power.

As Asa states…

Stay tuned for updates as the biggest architectural change in Firefox’s history rides the trains to release.

One can’t stop being excited for this all new Firefox browser!

Mozilla’s Electrolysis Project
Electrolysis MozillaWiki




My Club Journey !

My journey as a Mozillian, As a member of Coherent has been a blessing in disguise so far. A Year back,  It all began just by applying for a FSA batch. Little did i knew that it will bring a wide aspect and immense power to spread web literacy all over. For our club believes in the concept of giving and gaining ;in order to make and use the Internet efficiently.


My journey began by using Mozilla Thimble for  designing a webpage for our club. It became my favourite product by Mozilla for a while . It was the highlight of the very first event of our  club -GENESIS. We recieved tremendous response in our introductory event itself ,which inspired us  to go level further.

Then came the FOXYEAH marathon, it was one frolic event that i was happy to be part of with the Seniors and Reps from all over MP . The beginnings to some fresh ideas and a dawn of enthusiasm brought us to lead our next event – AVENSIS 2K15! A fun thrilled event which had Maker Party too! The countless efforts, uncompromised cooperation and incomparable teamwork by all the team members contributed in making the event a huge success. The partcipations were  truly  overwhelming in response.


Being a Mozillian, You just don’t think twice to indulging yourself in Campaigns .You just can’t resist being a part of it. This happened during the FXHINDI campaign.The campaign was basically to enhance the downloads of Firefox in various Indian languages. 

Precedence to our Online event TECHTORIA v1.o , The event was centered to create web literacy across the region and providing a platform where students can show their creativity even without coding.The year ended on a Happy note as we earned a feather in our cap by becoming FSA CLUB OF THE MONTH.The whole year was a great combination of fun ,frolic ,immense efforts ,enjoyment and an awesome teamwork. All our events were a great success.

So far my journey as a club member  made me realise the importance of Teamwork, helped  me prioritize stuff, gain leadership capabilities and most importantly taught me a different aspect of inculcating web literacy. All this was possible because of the guidance by our Club Lead Kushagra Varade (Senior ) and our mentor Vaibhav Bajaj (Rep) .Without them ,this journey was incapable to be fruitful enough.

Varsha Nagele (Trainee)

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10k Days of Web!

Today, July 28th marks the 10,000th day of the Web. You may ask how? Like what is the basis for defining 10,000 days? Well, here’s some background….

On March 12th, 1989, Tim Bernes-Lee, a member of CERN research facility, published a paper “Information Management: A Proposal” in which he addressed the ideas and theories which later helped to shape up the World Wide Web as we know it today.

Mozilla has started an online campaign to raise awareness of the day, with the help of Thunderclap. Here’s the enthusiastic campaign description:
“Come July 28th, the web will be 10k days old! The web is still in its infancy but through its public release, there has been a tremendous impact on lives around the world. You can get a degree online; order medicine; learn to cook mac and cheese pizza; get real-time news from around the globe; play Overwatch with your friends (or strangers); and binge on the weirdest GIFs imaginable.
We want 10,000 people to celebrate the 10,000th day of the Web. Join us on Twitter for a walk down memory lane as we highlight our favorite days out of the past 10,000 and look ahead to the next #10kDays!”
Our lives are unimaginable without the Web; it has such huge impact on our daily activities, and come another 10,000 days, how much more our lives would be enriched by Web.
Let’s spread the word with Mozilla, and shout out our love for the Web, from our ‘virtual rooftops’!
#10kDays #Mozilla
Source: Thunderclap

Club Journey (5 feb 2015- 5 feb 2016)

It’s hard to believe what all the club has gained in a span of less than a year..I would rather call it an amazingly stupendous year!!

The team has achieved a lot of what it had dreamed of achieving in the salad days of the club. On 5th February 2015, no one in our team had thought that we would be such a huge success. The most astonishing facilitation was being awarded with the crown of ‘Club of the month’, which in my opinion is not a cup of tea for everyone.

This startup year for our team was the perfect blend of learning , teaching , fun and frolic. Events like Genesis and Avensis are the highlights of Coherent’s success. Hindi Campaign too, was a great success. Along with many successful events, the club contributed in a lot of other areas and  projects too.

I remember when I first heard of this brilliant concept and was instantly fascinated  by it . The concept of  giving and gaining, to and from the internet in order to make the internet a better place for everyone blew my mind, just like Michael Jackson wrote in his song ” Heal the World”. In. our Case it is ” Heal the Web”. Sounds good. Right? 😉


There will be many more events in the future. Better and more successful than the previous ones, stretching the capabilities of the associated individuals to the fullest..

Stay tuned for further such amazing event news and accomplishments.
Till then take care.

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Fx Camp (Hindi Browser Download)


Its for the first time that Coherent@UIT Firefox Student Ambassador club of UIT-RGPV has organized/participated in the FXCAMP. The aim of this camp was to increase the number of downloads of Firefox in Indian languages. As an club we were excited to host the campaign at UIT-RGPV Bhopal. We thank Umesh sir and Vaibhav Sir for guidance and support in the campaign.

Topics that has been covered in the event:

  1. Why Firefox is better than other
  2. Discussed some acts about Mozilla.
  3. Demonstrated the Firefox hello feature.
  4. Also told them about “Do Not Track Me

The session started with brief introduction of Mozilla. What does mozilla mean and what is its mission. We(Team) also discussed about the FSA club and its Structure. With this we also conducted an interactive Moz Quiz which had some questions related to Mozilla and its products.

After this it was time for us show how to download the application. Then our Club Lead (Kushagra) asked all the attendees to get connected to internet and start downloading Firefox Hindi browser from the link .He also discussed about the advantage of having the browser in our local language.

At-last we had our refreshment and by this we came to end of our campaign at UIT. We thank our college management for approving our application to conduct the camp inside our campus.

For photos:
Hashtag:  #fxcamp #mozuit

Thanks for reading

Avensis – 2K15 (10-11 Sept 2015)

The motivation for this blog is the huge success of the event organized at UIT-RGPV Bhopal by Coherent@uit. Coherent@uit is the Firefox Student Club at Uit Rgpv Bhopal headed by Kushagra Varade.


The day 1 of the event included-
  • Introduction to Open source.
  • Brief of FSA Program and Firefox OS.
  • Overview of Gaia,Gonk and Gecko.
  • Discussion on Mozilla Projects.


The session was started  by Kushagra Varade. He imprinted every mind present in the session with the benfits of Firefox OS and the FSA Program.
Then the next part of the  Session was carried out by Yashwardhan Pauranik. He  took the discussion further by giving the attendees the knowledge of open source and Close source Technologies and then the pros and cons of the former.
And then kushagra took over and the discussion continued on  OS Arch, Layers of FXOS, Mozilla Projects and at the end about App Development.
The First Day ended with attendees full of zeal waiting for the next day.

Day 2

 The Second Day started with an equal amount of enthusiasm. The topics Reserved for second were-
  • Introduction of Market Place
  • FXOS Simulator
  • Introduction To WoMoz Program
  • Maker Party

Kushagra started the discussion by a quick review on App development and then the market place. He took the session to the next level by telling them about the mechanism of uploading an app to market place.The main topic of  the session was making the people aware of FXOS Simulator, its downloading process and features.


The last Topic for the discussion purpose was about WoMoz program. It was handled by our Womoz Head Miss Sakshi Rajput. The session chiefly constituted the problems that holds Women back from getting involved. In IT sectors and their solutions with the help of this program.
The Event ended with an amazing maker party carrying with itself a large number of talented young programmers and their Projects.
At the last we are very pleased  and proud to announce that the Event was such an success only because of efforts of the club members and volunteers. So a very BIG thanks to them as well as the to the amazing Attendees.

Genesis at UIT-RGPV(Bhopal)

Organiser :
Kushagra Varade (F.S.A. & Club Lead of coherent@uit)

Venue :
University institute of technology- RGPV, Bhopal

Time : 10 am to 5 pm

Speakers :
Introduction to FSA prog And Firefox OS :: Kushagra Varade(F.S.A.)
Webmaker (Thimble & X-ray google) :: Shantanu Kulkarni (F.S.A.)
Webmaker(Appmaker & Popcorn maker) :: Lav Vishwakarma (F.S.A.)

Supported by :
– Vaibhav Bajaj(Mozilla Representative)
– Chandan Baba (Mozilla Representative)
– Mozilla Community Bhopal

Volunteered by :
– Yashwardhan Pauranik (FSA)
– Richa Kushwaha (FSA)
– Sourabh Pal (FSA)
– Naveen Chaudhary(FSA)
– and members of coherent@uit

Event Details:

Introduction to FSA prog and Firefox OS

The event was attended by the people belonging to Computer Science and Information Technology trade. So, the basic idea of the event was to educate the people about open source and about the open web.


Kushagra Varade explaining contribution areas

Topics discused :

– Open Source Technology
– Open Web
– Advantages of OST
– Contribution Areas in FSA prog.
– Difference b/w Open Source and Closed Source

Webmaker(Thimble & X-ray goggle)


Shantanu Kulkarni
The session started up with the introduction to web development(the languages that are used for development of web pages). The speaker(shantanu kulkarni) then  took some teaching session to make the attendee aware about the languages(syntax and how to use them). He also took a practical session to make them aware to use the webmaker tools.

Webmaker(Appmaker and Popcorn maker)

Then after we have a session by Lav kumar who is a event lead of coherent@uit as well as the Firefox student ambassador. He make students aware about the designing of application for mobile OS. The session was then centered with the use of Appmaker asd how to use the Appmaker.

The event was quite awesome the interactive sessions were the most awesome part of the event. Energetic crowd and the volunteer. First Club event ended succesfully here.


Luv Kumar Vishwakarma


Club Inaugration


The first official event of our college took place on 28th February ’15 and that was the Inauguration of our Firefox club “Coherent@UIT“. It was organized by our club lead                 (Kushagra Varade) and we all all feel very happy that we have successfully inaugurated this program inside our campus.



The Inaugration was conducted in the presence of the dignataries of our college along with all the FSA’s. The first and the foremost aim was to give  introduction about The FSA program to everyone and then assign designation to the core members.

The event started at around 12pm  with the brief overture. We presented the idea about what we are planning to do in the upcoming months in order to promote Mozilla and open web. It was then followed by the cake cutting ceremony. And at the last the head provided the core members with their ID’s. and their designation. It all ended with a great applause…
So it was a memorable day and everyone enjoyed a lot at the ceremony. I should say that it was a great start for a newly established club.

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