It’s hard to believe what all the club has gained in a span of less than a year..I would rather call it an amazingly stupendous year!!

The team has achieved a lot of what it had dreamed of achieving in the salad days of the club. On 5th February 2015, no one in our team had thought that we would be such a huge success. The most astonishing facilitation was being awarded with the crown of ‘Club of the month’, which in my opinion is not a cup of tea for everyone.

This startup year for our team was the perfect blend of learning , teaching , fun and frolic. Events like Genesis and Avensis are the highlights of Coherent’s success. Hindi Campaign too, was a great success. Along with many successful events, the club contributed in a lot of other areas and  projects too.

I remember when I first heard of this brilliant concept and was instantly fascinated  by it . The concept of  giving and gaining, to and from the internet in order to make the internet a better place for everyone blew my mind, just like Michael Jackson wrote in his song ” Heal the World”. In. our Case it is ” Heal the Web”. Sounds good. Right? 😉


There will be many more events in the future. Better and more successful than the previous ones, stretching the capabilities of the associated individuals to the fullest..

Stay tuned for further such amazing event news and accomplishments.
Till then take care.

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