Organiser :
Kushagra Varade (F.S.A. & Club Lead of coherent@uit)

Venue :
University institute of technology- RGPV, Bhopal

Time : 10 am to 5 pm

Speakers :
Introduction to FSA prog And Firefox OS :: Kushagra Varade(F.S.A.)
Webmaker (Thimble & X-ray google) :: Shantanu Kulkarni (F.S.A.)
Webmaker(Appmaker & Popcorn maker) :: Lav Vishwakarma (F.S.A.)

Supported by :
– Vaibhav Bajaj(Mozilla Representative)
– Chandan Baba (Mozilla Representative)
– Mozilla Community Bhopal

Volunteered by :
– Yashwardhan Pauranik (FSA)
– Richa Kushwaha (FSA)
– Sourabh Pal (FSA)
– Naveen Chaudhary(FSA)
– and members of coherent@uit

Event Details:

Introduction to FSA prog and Firefox OS

The event was attended by the people belonging to Computer Science and Information Technology trade. So, the basic idea of the event was to educate the people about open source and about the open web.


Kushagra Varade explaining contribution areas

Topics discused :

– Open Source Technology
– Open Web
– Advantages of OST
– Contribution Areas in FSA prog.
– Difference b/w Open Source and Closed Source

Webmaker(Thimble & X-ray goggle)


Shantanu Kulkarni
The session started up with the introduction to web development(the languages that are used for development of web pages). The speaker(shantanu kulkarni) then  took some teaching session to make the attendee aware about the languages(syntax and how to use them). He also took a practical session to make them aware to use the webmaker tools.

Webmaker(Appmaker and Popcorn maker)

Then after we have a session by Lav kumar who is a event lead of coherent@uit as well as the Firefox student ambassador. He make students aware about the designing of application for mobile OS. The session was then centered with the use of Appmaker asd how to use the Appmaker.

The event was quite awesome the interactive sessions were the most awesome part of the event. Energetic crowd and the volunteer. First Club event ended succesfully here.


Luv Kumar Vishwakarma