Today, July 28th marks the 10,000th day of the Web. You may ask how? Like what is the basis for defining 10,000 days? Well, here’s some background….

On March 12th, 1989, Tim Bernes-Lee, a member of CERN research facility, published a paper “Information Management: A Proposal” in which he addressed the ideas and theories which later helped to shape up the World Wide Web as we know it today.

Mozilla has started an online campaign to raise awareness of the day, with the help of Thunderclap. Here’s the enthusiastic campaign description:
“Come July 28th, the web will be 10k days old! The web is still in its infancy but through its public release, there has been a tremendous impact on lives around the world. You can get a degree online; order medicine; learn to cook mac and cheese pizza; get real-time news from around the globe; play Overwatch with your friends (or strangers); and binge on the weirdest GIFs imaginable.
We want 10,000 people to celebrate the 10,000th day of the Web. Join us on Twitter for a walk down memory lane as we highlight our favorite days out of the past 10,000 and look ahead to the next #10kDays!”
Our lives are unimaginable without the Web; it has such huge impact on our daily activities, and come another 10,000 days, how much more our lives would be enriched by Web.
Let’s spread the word with Mozilla, and shout out our love for the Web, from our ‘virtual rooftops’!
#10kDays #Mozilla
Source: Thunderclap