My journey as a Mozillian, As a member of Coherent has been a blessing in disguise so far. A Year back,  It all began just by applying for a FSA batch. Little did i knew that it will bring a wide aspect and immense power to spread web literacy all over. For our club believes in the concept of giving and gaining ;in order to make and use the Internet efficiently.


My journey began by using Mozilla Thimble for  designing a webpage for our club. It became my favourite product by Mozilla for a while . It was the highlight of the very first event of our  club -GENESIS. We recieved tremendous response in our introductory event itself ,which inspired us  to go level further.

Then came the FOXYEAH marathon, it was one frolic event that i was happy to be part of with the Seniors and Reps from all over MP . The beginnings to some fresh ideas and a dawn of enthusiasm brought us to lead our next event – AVENSIS 2K15! A fun thrilled event which had Maker Party too! The countless efforts, uncompromised cooperation and incomparable teamwork by all the team members contributed in making the event a huge success. The partcipations were  truly  overwhelming in response.


Being a Mozillian, You just don’t think twice to indulging yourself in Campaigns .You just can’t resist being a part of it. This happened during the FXHINDI campaign.The campaign was basically to enhance the downloads of Firefox in various Indian languages. 

Precedence to our Online event TECHTORIA v1.o , The event was centered to create web literacy across the region and providing a platform where students can show their creativity even without coding.The year ended on a Happy note as we earned a feather in our cap by becoming FSA CLUB OF THE MONTH.The whole year was a great combination of fun ,frolic ,immense efforts ,enjoyment and an awesome teamwork. All our events were a great success.

So far my journey as a club member  made me realise the importance of Teamwork, helped  me prioritize stuff, gain leadership capabilities and most importantly taught me a different aspect of inculcating web literacy. All this was possible because of the guidance by our Club Lead Kushagra Varade (Senior ) and our mentor Vaibhav Bajaj (Rep) .Without them ,this journey was incapable to be fruitful enough.

Varsha Nagele (Trainee)

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