Electrolysis! This is the name of Mozilla’s newest technology, which would make the Firefox browser even more faster and smoother. In short, it would take the user interface to a whole new level!

At present, Electrolysis enhanced Firefox is available to only half percent Firefox users as an early test. This has shown favorable results and now Mozilla is gradually updating the browser. It doesn’t work on everybody’s configuration yet. It is by default available to you, if you are using Nightly or Aurora.

What new would Electrolysis bring to Firefox?

Asa Dotzler, Mozilla’s product manager for Firefox’s roadmap and community explains it aptly, here we go….

  • It makes Firefox respond faster when you do things like click, scroll and open new tabs.
  • It splits different parts of the browser into separate computing processes so figuring out how to put Facebook on your screen won’t interrupt your mouse clicks.
  • Increases browser responsiveness 400 percent for ordinary websites and 700 percent for complex ones with many elements.
  • It works by making sure malicious website code is confined so it can’t get access to the computer memory handling the browser itself or, worse, the underlying operating system.

Electrolysis, also called E10S and multiprocess Firefox, has two major advantages:

  • Security.
    Security improvements are accomplished through security sandboxing, which uses child processes to create a security layer.
  • Performance.
    Performance improvements are mainly because of the multiple processes which better leverage the available computing power.

As Asa states…

Stay tuned for updates as the biggest architectural change in Firefox’s history rides the trains to release.

One can’t stop being excited for this all new Firefox browser!

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