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The motivation for this blog post is to depict the success of the event organized at UIT-RGPV Bhopal by Coherent@uit on November 10th, 2016. Coherent@uit is the Mozilla Campus  Club at Uit Rgpv Bhopal founded  by Kushagra Varade .

The name of the event was MozVR Camp Bhopal which commenced with an interactive session on WebVR.


The session started by an introduction to our club by the Club Lead-Akshat Saxena. Then the welcoming and introduction to WoMoz was given by Womoz Incharge- Varsha Nagele.Which was followed by the interactive session by our mentor  Kushagra Varade. He imprinted every mind present in the session with the usage and intricasies of WebVR.

Details of WebVR session-

Kushagra Varade explained how it is a JavaScript API, created to provide support for virtual reality devices, in a web browser. He discussed many projects related to WebVR. Notable among them was A-Frame(VR) from Mozilla. Attendees were shown clips about how it actually works and were urged to try implementing them on their own too. 

The attendees who correctly answered questions asked during the session were awarded with Mozilla swags.

After the session, a quiz was conducted for the attendees  named Crux which was about deciphering and aptitude. Everyone participated in it with zeal. The winners of Cruz were awarded  swags.


Attendees were then asked to choose between coding and non-coding round. For coding round, a set of programming questions were given and they were asked to solve it in a limited amount of time. For the non-coding round, a quiz named Sphinx was organised in which there were questions like elevator pitch and also some creative topics to write about.

At the last we are very pleased and proud to announce that the Event was such an success only because of efforts of the club members and volunteers. So a very BIG thanks to them as well as the to the amazing Attendees.

The Team


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Link for event images: https://goo.gl/N9taEk


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